MYTH: When you cook vegetables with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) you lose antioxidants

Recent evidence shows that when cooking with EVOO (including deep frying and sautéing), there is a resultant increase in total phenols (antioxidants) in the cooked food (particularly when cooking raw vegetables).

In fact when boiling vegetables in water, there is a reduced level of total phenols. EVOO is an excellent choice for cooking – it can make the food even better for you!

Reference – Ramirez-Anaya J, Samaniego-Sanchez C, Castaneda-Saucedo M, Villalon-Mir M, Lopez-Garcia de la Serrana H. Phenols and the antioxidant capacity of Mediterranean vegetables prepared with extra virgin olive oil using different domestic cooking techniques. Food Chemistry. 2015;188:430–8.

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